About Detox Spray

Every human beingmaintainstheir health by eating healthy foods and tablets like Vitamins A, B, C, D &E, etc. which is very beneficial for each one of us. We know that there are many fruits and vegetables which helps in increasing the calcium and iron or various required proteins in our body. But is the fruits and vegetable we consume really healthy? No, they are not. Because these are infected as they are sprayed with pesticides, and in transit also, everybody knows how they get cleaned.

Detox Spray, a Miracle & Magical Spray which you can spray on food products to keep its healthiness and freshness maintained as well on our body parts.

Detox Spray gives you the relief from tip to toe in just fraction of seconds after spraying it over. It is surprising, but it is the truth as well. It is beneficial for your neck, your back, your spine, tooth, headache, joint pain etc. within seconds to 72 hours and will give you 100% result and satisfaction.

Post applying the product, you will feel the presence of it on your body until 72 hours.

Ingredients used in Detox Spray

Detox Spray made from 5 elements, or we can say ‘’PANCHTATVA’’ like the human body is also made from Panchtatva. These include Molecules, Cells, Elements, Substance, and bonds.
So, the water used in this spray is the component or formulated formula made from these five elements which are 100% natural.
The Key Ingredients include Carbonate, Potassium, Chloride, Sodium, Nitrate, Aqua and Maximum limits of Impurities as Ion as 3.6.
This spray penetrates every little thing which means that it crosses the iron, glass or food items. As per science, It is just "IMPOSSIBLE" and neglects this Fact. And Yes, It is unbelievable for us too.
But, this is true because if we spray it outside the cylinder, we will get its result inside and if we spray it on one side of the glass, we will get the result on another side. So, we can say that it is a Miracle product.

How Detox Spray works…???

You must be thinking that how only one spray can benefit all our health problems like heart, piles or another problem. So, let me make it clear that it doesn’t work on our various diseases, it works on our body organs or cells. It converts the acid into non-acids.
The spray helps in fighting the bad body cells, it revives and regenerate our good cells, gives energy to our cells due to which our body starts functioning properly removing all the diseases and soothe the pain.
If your pain is normal or it has started recently, then you will get relief by spraying it over for two-three times, however, if your pain is persisting since long say, 4 to 5 years, it may take time to heal it completely. And you may need to increase the dosage, or we can say, you need to spray it for some time, but for sure, you will get relief from that long-time pain too.

Defeat the Pain Naturally…!

When there is the change in weather & you are growing older, you will suffer from Joints pain, inflammation in joints and other stiffness. The pain will worsen with age and is caused by wear and tear over the years.
Doctors operate it with the painkillers but what about its side effects? In people, natural approach to treating joint pain is becoming very popular.


How it works for Food Items

If we talk about recent times, 80% of food usage in homes are packet storing foods. Almost every kind of food product are available in packets and which are available in market or stores for almost six months or so and why these products are not deteriorating, because there are chemicals, pesticides or such things used in such products which help in the survival of these products for long.
Because of such chemicals, we are consuming slow poison resulting which we are unfit as compared tour grandfather and grandmothers or our ancestors.
Now, the thing which we going to share is just next to impossible and unbelievable, but that is completely true.
You need to take one snacks packet (like French fries / potato chips / bended chips etc..), open it, smell the snacks, taste it and feel its flavor. Now, the other thing you need to do is, before opening the packet, spray the Detox Spray outside the packet far from the 4 to 5 inches, wait for 10-15 seconds and open it, taste it, and you will feel the completely different spice, smell and flavor.
So, Isn’t it the miracle? Yes, it is. And True too….
Now the second example, Go to the market and nearby sweet shop. Buy any sweets and take two parts of it in both the fists. Smell both and taste them.
And then, spray the product outside of any fist, and smell that and taste too. Once you consume it and inhale, you will feel the freshness of the sweet and totally different taste of it.
Like these, I have many examples of the demo of spray products and if you wish to know such examples, let me know, I will write them all down in another article.
Still not believe…??? Make another test as follows…
Take Curd / Milk in two different bowls and use Detox Spray in one bowl and kept idol for next morning and you can see that Contents in Detox Spray bowl remain fresh and the other bowl content will be spoiled..
Hope, now you feel Amazing… Yes, It’s True.

Benefits of Detox Spray

Helps in Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers or crank Sores and generally small but painful. It develops into your mouth or at the base of gums. It can make eating, talking and drinking very uncomfortable and embarrassing. But don’t worry, with the help of Detox Spray, you can get rid of this problem very soon. You only need to spray it five times a day, outside the mouth for seven days and you will find the results unbelievable as it will make your ulcers gone away completely.

Maintain BP and Sugar Levels

Chronically low blood pressure or blood sugar can have adverse effects such as fatigue, while high blood pressure and high sugar can lead to diabetes and heart disease, respectively. But, you do not have to worry because this spray helps in normalizing the blood pressure levels and sugar level.

Pain during Menstruation

During menstruation, over 42% of women experience the menstrual cramps, and they feel uncomfortable going outside due to this cramps issue. So, the spray helps in soothing the pain and women’s will not feel the pain even in the subsequent months after using the spray for once. I know, this is unbelievable, but it is true.


Helps in Electric Shock

If somebody has faced electric shock, immediately spray on the body, and he will get completely fine from the shock coming to the normal state.

Reduce Toxic from Food and Increase the Natural Taste

We all know that the foods and vegetables in today’s era are made from various chemicals and pesticides which are not good for our health. The Detox Spray helps in reducing the toxins from vegetables, and you will end up consuming chemical-free vegetables. Plus, If you use this spray outside the food packets, it can make them tastes better with the better smell and flavor.

Helps in 1st Stage Cancer

If any patient is suffering from cancer and doctor has confirmed that the patient’s life is not more than one month, then using this spray can help that person to live longer for few months and he/she might enjoy his life at least for that time with their loved ones.

How to Use the Detox Spray ?

• Spray it on the pain-prone area 4-5 times at an angle of 90 degree.
• Use cotton cloth where you are going to spray the same.
• Spray it on the food parcels/packets but remember spraying it outside.
• Remember to clean the spray nozzle with cloth/cotton & should remain dry.
• Detox Spray is not painkiller, it is a natural product.